Guide to race circuit

The autorace capital with the largest number of attendance and profit among all the autorace circuits. It has “Astro-vision”, a large color video equipment, and runs the information such as the live coverage of races, trial run time, and odds.

Second Park (Theme park for small children)
Building 1 (Special Grandstand No.1 on the 4th and 5th floors) (holeshot)
■4F, 5F: Special Grandstand No.1 (holeshot) Click here for the tariff
■3F: ROYAL ROOM Click here to see the Royal Room
■2F: Ladies’ room
(Special Grandstand No.5 on the 4th and 5th floors)
■Kawaguchi opening: JPY 1,000 ■Off-circuit opening: JPY 500 ■Number of seats: 680 seats ■2F: Ladies’ room
Event Hall
Rest area
■2F: Happy Land(Rest area for children)
Autorace Museum
■Opening days: All days of Kawaguchi openings * Closed on openings at off-circuits.
■Opening hours: From when the gates open until the last race
Gift Trading Office
Sheer size of the site 124,561 square meters
Capacity 44,000 persons
Parking 1,135 cars (free of charge) There are also paid private parking areas around the autorace circuit.
Entry fee Free of charge
Reserved seats
(excluding entry fee)
Members of royal seats (annual charge of JPY 200,000):
JPY 3,000 for Kawaguchi openings, JPY 1,000 for off-circuit openings
Visitors of royal seats:
JPY 5,000 for Kawaguchi openings, JPY 2,000 for off-circuit openings,total of 76 royal seats Click here for the tariff for the Holeshot (former Special Grandstand No.1)
680 seats for the Special Grandstand No.5:
JPY 1,000 for Kawaguchi openings, JPY 500 for off-circuit openings
Announcement of race results 0180-994454
(Information on openings/double perfecta/daily double)

(Information on openings/trifecta/trio 3/wide)
Course 500m per lap